Parents are the primary educators of their children  
Mission of Regina Caeli Academy-Catholic  Schooling at Home in San Diego
Regina Caeli Academy is an association of Catholic and Christian families
engaged in schooling at home in Southern California.

The families of Regina Caeli Academy have chosen Independent schooling
at home as the means of educating their children, with the understanding
that parents are most competent and able to determine the true needs and
talents of their children.

Regina Caeli Academy exists to provide a means for member families to
support and minister to each other.  It is meant to be a family to family
ministry within the wider support that each family finds in the Church.

Besides spiritual support for each other, the Academy provides
opportunities of socialization, classes, curriculum development and
enrichment, and other means of meeting the unique needs of home
educated  families.

Is a private school in the State of California operating under the provision
and in accordance with the California Education Code 33190 and 48222.
Regina Caeli Academy is a service provided to families who want to independently
home educate their children.  We are a California
private school which supports
families who wish to educate their children at home. We are a satellite school in the
sense that the parents educate their children at their own home.  Each home would
be considered a satellite campus of Regina Caeli Academy's home office.
A Little About What We Do
Our services include maintaining documents required by the state of California to
include: course of studies, attendance records, progress reports, educational
qualifications, and state health documents.  We offer parent meetings, educational
consulting, classes, field trips, school photos, ID cards and an End of Year
Graduation Catholic Mass and Ceremony.
Regina Caeli Academy
Private School Satellite Program

Pope John Paul II,
Familiaris Consortio

“The history of mankind, the
history of salvation passes
by way of the family… The
family is placed at the center
of the great struggle between
good and evil, between Life
and Death, between Love
and all that is opposed to
Registration period begins May 1st.