Welcome to Regina Caeli Academy,
a private satellite homeschool program in California.


The Academy is registered as a private school in the State of California whose member families provide their own individual, independent, home-based educations, to their own children. RCA provides administrative and social support to Catholic families educating their children in accordance with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church; and to Christian, Catholic-friendly, pro-life families.

Parents are fully supported in their individual choice of curriculum and teaching style appropriate for their children. Parents teach their own children in their own homes, and are free to participate in their own classes and co-ops, as they see fit.

Since the Academy does not dictate curriculum or provide class instruction, we are not an accredited school. However, our high school graduates receive Official Transcripts and Diplomas, which have been routinely accepted at colleges and universities for over twenty years. Additionally, higher learning establishments are becoming increasingly more and more homeschool-friendly, including forming unique application processes tailored to understanding the homeschool high school Transcript and CV.

Please visit the other areas of this website, where you will find information on services provided, fees, enrollment process, and homeschool resources.

Whether you're new to homeschooling, are a veteran homeschooler, or are simply researching your educational options, please consider Regina Caeli Academy as your choice. Feel free to Contact Me with any questions.

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SB 277, the new California Public Health and Vaccination Bill, goes into effect for the school year 2016-2017 and exempts families from required immunizations who home school privately, i.e. through a private school satellite program such as Regina Caeli Academy. Therefore, for those who choose not to immunize their children, Regina Caeli Academy will not require you to file a medical exemption with us.

Regina Caeli Academy is not responsible for advising on how SB 277 may affect your participation in classes or co-ops not affiliated with the Academy. It is incumbant upon each parent to learn if those organizations are exempt or not from SB 277.

I am more than happy to communicate with you privately, should you have further questions.

Information is linked here, and as we are still in the process of receiving further clarification on some of the finer points of the Bill, I will update our families as I receive information.

Read the entire Bill, here:  SB 277 Text
Questions answered here:   SB 277 FAQ