Welcome to Regina Caeli Academy,
a private school satellite program in California.

Regina Caeli Academy (RCA) is a Private School in California which operates as a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) serving Catholic families. Member families are considered satellite campuses of the RCA office, each comprised of Parent/Teacher and Child/Student. RCA provides administrative services including record-keeping, transcript creation, and annual filing with the State. Catholic families must educate their children in accordance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church; and Christian families must be Catholic-friendly and pro-life in all circumstances.

Curricula: RCA does not offer classes nor provide curriculum. Parents are fully supported in their individual choice of curriculum and teaching style appropriate for their children. While primary instruction takes place in the home, students may participate in their own independent classes, co-ops, and online classes.

Accreditation:  Since RCA does not set curriculum, it cannot be accredited. However, parents may choose to use any number of accredited curricula.

Transcripts, Diplomas, and Graduation:  As a private school, RCA recommends a high school Course of Study needed to graduate. However, the Director works with each family to guide them in creating their own, unique Course of Study appropriate to each child. RCA Diplomas are routinely accepted at colleges and universities, without question.

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Whether you're new to homeschooling, are a veteran homeschooler, or are simply researching your educational options, please consider Regina Caeli Academy as your choice. Feel free to Contact Me with any questions.

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