RCA was founded in 1994 by two Catholic homeschooling mothers who went on to found an independent traditional Roman Catholic School in North San Diego County. Since then, the leadership of the Academy has been handed down from one Catholic homeschooling mother to another, and I am honored to be the fourth director to serve.

I am staunchly committed to supporting families who choose to homeschool independently in our Faith, having answered the call to do so by Our Lord. There are many PSPs which support families of other faiths, and of no faith at all, but very few which serve our Catholic community.

I am also committed to helping parents decide the curriculum and learning path best suited for each of their children. One of the joys of homeschooling is having the freedom to craft a personalized Course of Study and learning path for every unique student. I welcome speaking with parents to help them create an education plan that is complete, while bringing out the very best in their children. If you have a gifted student who needs challenges, or if you have a beautiful child who’s challenged in their needs, I look forward to speaking with you, working with you, and helping you access all the resources you need.

My husband and I have homeschooled our three boys their entire lives and we graduated our eldest from high school a year ago. For this reason, I am even more committed to helping parents who choose to homeschool through high school. There are so many exceptional resources available to us that we no longer have reason not to homeschool through high school! I’m also experienced partnering with traditional high schools for students who play on their sports teams but who prefer to be homeschooled, and with community colleges for dual enrollment.