We are blessed to have a multitude of Catholic and Catholic-friendly curricula from which to choose. These are the vendors I most often recommend:

Catholic Homeschooling Resources
An excellent place to start learning about all the various methods and resources available to Catholic homeschoolers.

Angelicum Academy Bookstore
A beautiful Catholic Classical Liberal Arts program and curriculum. Excellent study guides for use in teaching with the Good Books and Great Books. They also offer virtual online classes.

Catholic Heritage Curricula
My favorite curriculum. Catholic curricula for Pre-K through High School. Lesson plans using a 4-day school week, exclusive line of Catholic Science books, parent support, and free materials augment their growing library. I highly recommend their “High School of Your Dreams” planning program.

Homeschool Connections
Winner of the 2017 Homeschooling i-Learning Awards! The best in Catholic virtual and recorded online classes for Middle and High School students. Students may now dual-enroll with HC and Franciscan University. “Educating the heart, mind, and soul in the Catholic tradition.”

Kolbe Academy
Catholic curriculum that is Ignatian in Method, Classical in Content, and Loyal to the Magisterium.

Mater Amabilis
A Charlotte Mason-style curriculum for Catholics, presented for a CM structured approach. Can be used or adapted as part of a CM influenced education.

Mother of Divine Grace
Curriculum offering a Classical approach to homeschooling.

Seton Homeschool Resources
Largest publisher of Catholic academic textbooks and workbooks for students.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
Catholic Liberal Arts Independent Homeschool program crafted specifically for the homeschooling family. Advisory staff of veteran homescoolers will personally guide you to and through a variety of texts and materials, according to your student’s needs and interests.

Additional Catholic Resources
is at the forefront of providing online religious education to Catholics of all ages around the world. Entirely faithful to the Magisterium of the Holy Church, is endorsed by His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Archbishop Chaput, Scott Hahn, and others. Special homeschool packages and discounts are available.

Catholic Kingdom
Website by Holy Family Press offers wonderful interactive activities, stories, games, devotionals, and contests. Especially good for the younger set!

Catholic Schoolhouse
Although this is a stand-alone/parent-led program, homeschoolers may incorporate all or part of the curriculum in their homes. Subjects such as Art and Crafting are independent of other subjects and can be easily used to augment your studies. If you are interested in starting a local Chapter of TCS in your area, please consult the website for information.
Excellent resources and articles on Science from our Catholic perspective, especially for older students.

My Catholic Faith Delivered
Online classes in our Catholic Faith for all ages.