Services and FAQs

The following services are provided to enrolled families:

*Coverage to homeschool under the RCA California Private School Affidavit

*Collection and maintenance of cumulative files

*Transfers to/from other schools or programs

*Official high school transcript & diploma

*Curriculum counseling and assistance creating a Course of Study for each child

*One-on-one support and guidance throughout the year

*ID cards for teachers and students

*Work permits

*Unofficial transcripts for DMV and insurance purposes

*Completion of dual enrollment forms for college

*HSLDA group discount

*Members-only access to homeschool information and resources

*Members-only networking with currently enrolled RCA families

*Updates on legislative and legal action affecting homeschooling and religious freedom

*Access to special RCA field trips and activities

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Private School Satellite Program?

A Private School Satellite Program (PSP) is a registered private school in California whose members offer home-based instruction to their own children. Regina Caeli Academy (RCA) files the annual California Private School Affidavit, under which each currently enrolled member family and student is covered. Each family household enrolled with RCA is considered a “satellite campus” of the school, and parents, the “faculty.” Private schools are not governed by the California Department of Education. RCA is a dba of the Director, whose name and address are listed as the sole administrator and main office of the school. Other Catholic PSPs in California are Seton Homeschool, Mother of Divine Grace, and Kolbe Academy. California Private School Education Codes can be accessed, here: Parents who teach their own children are exempt from background checks and fingerprinting.

Can anyone access my children’s files, or my personal information?

No. Identifying information of enrolled families, parents, and students, is never reported to the State. RCA strongly recommends that families become members of HSLDA, the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, or CHN, the California Homeschool Network. If you are ever visited by a local or state official demanding access to your home or records, do not allow them access. Refer them to HSLDA, then contact the RCA Director and HSLDA or CHN, immediately.

Do my children need to be vaccinated?

No. Since RCA does not offer classroom instruction, students are exempt from the California mandatory vaccination laws. However, if you enroll your child in any sort of classroom-based activities, please check with that entity as to their vaccination requirements. Students enrolling in First Grade are required to have a medical and oral examination, or parents may submit a waiver.

Does RCA report to the Department of Health?

RCA is no longer required to report statistics on exams or vaccinations to the Department of Health.

Are you accredited?

RCA is not accredited, since it neither offers nor provides curriculum. Materials can be accredited, services cannot. RCA parents may use any number of accredited curriculum, such as Mother of Divine Grace, Kolbe Academy, or Angelicum Academy. Accreditation is not always required by a post-secondary school or organization, and may not affect whether or not a high school transcript or diploma is accepted. RCA always recommends that parents research their student’s college of choice to determine whether an accredited curriculum is required for admission.

Will my student receive an official high school transcript and diploma? Are they accepted by colleges?

RCA transcripts and diplomas are embossed with our State Seal, showing our establishment year of 1994. Our documents have never been rejected or questioned by colleges, businesses, or the military.

Does RCA require testing?

No. RCA does not require testing, and private schools are not required to test in any grade, unlike public schools. However, if you would like to test you child at any time, I recommend IOWA testing services for lower grades. You may contact Seton Testing Services, directly, for assistance.

I also highly recommend that high schoolers take the Classic Learning Test (CLT). The CLT is now accepted at a majority of our good, faithful, Catholic colleges as recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society Guide to Recommended Colleges. These colleges will accept the CLT in lieu of the SAT and ACT. To learn more, please visit:  Classic Learning Test.

Does RCA require work samples?

No. Private schools are not required to collect work samples.

Do I need to submit regular reports?

Yes. Private schools must collect Attendance and Grades. RCA collects Attendance quarterly; and grades, or progress reports, by semester.

I have a special needs child. Can I homeschool under RCA?

Of course! Many parents choose to independently homeschool their special needs children under RCA. I will work with you to create your child’s unique Course of Study and progress reports. In addition, I can connect you with one of our very experienced and qualified former members who graduated her special needs son from RCA, recently. She will be more than happy to speak with you and offer guidance.

You publish required courses and credits for high school graduation. What if my child doesn’t meet every one, or I have a special needs child, or my child’s interests and focus are in specific areas?

As a private school, RCA may publish a recommended Course of Study and graduation requirements. However, these may be considered guidelines, as they are more than the graduation requirements from California public schools, but not enough to be admitted to, say, a “Harvard.” You’ll also see that RCA requires that our Catholic Faith be taught in every grade, and Sacraments received.

Parents should consult the published guidelines and speak with the Director, personally, to discuss alternatives and tailoring a Course of Study to their student’s ultimate goals.

My child plays sports and needs to be enrolled in a traditional private school in order to do so. Yet, I still want to homeschool him/her. Is this possible?

Yes! RCA has experience working with traditional private schools. If the school is willing to allow minimal attendance of your student in their classes to satisfy membership on their sports teams, your student can be dual-enrolled as a homeschooler. RCA will communicate with the school, and parents will submit to RCA a list of that curriculum and grades.

I like flexibility in my school schedule. Am I obligated to follow a particular schedule?

RCA publishes a traditional two-semester school calendar, with an optional Summer semester. Families may follow a traditional or year-round school schedule, or tailor their schedule to coincide with college dual enrollment. Enrollment in RCA is for a 12-month period, so the Summer semester may be used to complete a grade, or begin the new grade level in advance.

What makes RCA different from any of the other Catholic private school programs?

Our families are joined together through our common bonds of Faith and our vocations as parents. We support one another in prayer, by mutual encouragement, and through socialization. Member families live throughout California, but since we are still a relatively small group (approximately fifty families), we are still able to connect with one another, just like an extended family.