Regina Caeli Academy (RCA) is a private school in the State of California, operating as a private school satellite program. Member families are residents of California who homeschool independently, most of whom are Catholic.

For over 25 years, RCA has supported families who educate their children at home. We place God at the center of our lives and educate our children in accordance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Parents are free to choose their own curriculum and may choose to join their local co-ops, homeschool classes, and online courses. RCA does not dictate nor provide curriculum, but parents may visit our "Resources" pages to discover some of the very best options available to Catholic homeschoolers.

Our families are joined together through our common bonds of Faith and our vocations as parents, and support one another in prayer, by mutual encouragement, and through socialization.

RCA was founded in 1994 by two Catholic homeschooling mothers who went on to found an independent traditional Roman Catholic School in North San Diego County. Since then, the leadership of our Academy has been handed down from one Catholic homeschooling mother to another, and I am honored to be the fourth director to serve.

I am staunchly committed to supporting families who choose to homeschool independently in our Faith, as I believe the need is great. We can find a multitude of PSPs supporting families of other faiths, but very few in our Catholic faith. While we have a handful of "full-service" Catholic PSPs that also offer curriculum, grading, testing, and counseling services (Seton, Kolbe, MODG, etc.),  I've found no other Catholic PSP that accepts and supports independent homeschoolers from anywhere in our State.

I am also committed to helping parents decide which avenue of homeschooling is best for them and their children, as we have a plethora of options now available to us.

As a life-long homeschooling family who's graduating our eldest son this year, I recently became even more committed to helping parents who choose to homeschool through high school. An example is my association with the Classic Learning Test (CLT), the new college admissions exam not aligned with the Common Core Standards and which is now accepted in lieu of the SAT/ACT at a growing number of Liberal Arts Colleges across the Country, including a majority of our great, faithful, Catholic Colleges that are recommended in the Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges.

Please read more about who we are and the services I provide and Contact Me if you have questions or would like to learn more about joining our "family."

Thank you very much.

Regina Caeli, ora pro nobis!