Homeschooling With a PSP

What is a Private School Satellite Program?

A PSP is a State-registered private school whose member parents offer home-based instruction to their children. Regina Caeli Academy is a dba of the administrator, whose name and address are listed as the sole director and main office of RCA. Each family enrolled with RCA is a "satellite campus" of RCA, and parents are "faculty."

Families who homeschool privately and independently, but who would like a layer of privacy between them and the State, are those who gravitate toward RCA. 

When filing the annual R4 Private School Affidavit, no personal identifying information of any parent or student is submitted to the State.

RCA communicates solely with the State of California and does not answer to the local Department of Education.

Can anyone access my children's files, or my personal information?

No. An agency or individual needs a subpoena to ever access your files. If you're ever contacted or visited by someone demanding access to see your children or access their school files, do not allow them into your home and call me immediately. If you're a member of HSLDA, please call them first and we will contact each other.

Do students need to be vaccinated?

No. Since RCA does not offer any classroom instruction, we are exempt from the mandatory vaccination laws. However, if you enroll your child in any sort of classroom-based activities, please check with that entity to see if they require proof of vaccination.

Do you report to the Department of Health?

RCA is no longer required to report statistics to the DOH.

Do you have a State seal?

Yes, from the year we were established:  1994.

Does RCA require testing?

No. Private schools are not required to test in any grade, unlike public schools. However, if you would like to test you child at any time, I recommend IOWA testing services. The easiest way is to contact Seton Testing Services and they'll be happy to help you.

I also highly recommend that high schoolers take the Classic Learning Test (CLT), CLT9, and CLT10. These are now accepted at more than 50 colleges across the country and the CLT is the only college admissions exam that has been properly validated for reliability. You may find more information on my website, or by clicking here:  Classic Learning Test