Mission and Philosophy

†     Regina Caeli Academy Private School Satellite Program exists to provide administrative and social support to Catholic families who homeschool in the State of California.

†     Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is at the heart of all our endeavors.

†     Fidelity to our Faith, the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and loyalty to our local ordinaries and to the Vicar of Christ, our Holy Father the Pope, is necessary to maintain a Catholic identity.

†     We freely and humbly accept that one of the principal aims of marriage is the bearing and raising of children as an expression of spousal love.

†     We freely and humbly accept that Parents have the primary right and duty of educating our children, and in doing so, have the right to choose a suitable means of accomplishing this education.

†     The families of Regina Caeli Academy have chosen home schooling as the means of educating our children, with the understanding that parents are most competent and able to determine the true needs for, and talents of, our children.

†     Parents have the right and duty to educate our children in the Faith. This is accomplished through daily witness, by creating an atmosphere of faith in the home, by teaching children to pray, and in leading them to the Sacraments. Instruction in doctrine and morality is necessary for the growth and nourishment of our children’s faith.

†     Parents have the consequent responsibility to be suitably prepared for undertaking the task of educating our own children, whereby ensuring our children will be equipped to be responsible members of society and committed disciples of Christ in the Church.

†     Regina Caeli Academy exists to provide a means for member families to find support in our teaching efforts by ministering to each other.

†     Regina Caeli Academy also provides opportunities of socialization, curriculum development and enrichment, and other means by which the unique needs of Catholic home schooling families may be met.