Homeschool Resources

Catholic Curriculum

Catholic Homeschool Resources
An excellent place to start learning about all the various methods and resources available to Catholic homeschoolers. 

Angelicum Academy
Classical liberal arts curriculum. Excellent study guides for those teaching from the Good Books and Great Books lists.

Catholic Heritage Curricula
Provides Catholic-centered curricula to educate children from Pre-K through High School. Exclusive line of Catholic Science books! Parent support section and free materials augment their growing library.

Homeschool Connections Online
Complete live online classes for middle and high school students -- Educating the heart, mind, and soul in the Catholic tradition.

Kolbe Academy Home School
Focus on providing an education that is Ignatian in Method, Classical in Content, and Loyal to the Magisterium.

Mater Amabilis
A Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics presented for a CM structured approach; but can be used or adapted as part of a CM influenced education.

Mother of Divine Grace
Offering a Classical approach to homeschooling.

My Catholic Faith Delivered
Online Catholic Learning for home schoolers.

Seton Homeschool Curriculum
Largest publisher of Catholic academic textbooks and workbooks for children in the United States.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
Catholic Liberal Arts Independent Homeschool Program for Pre-1st to 12th Grades. Their Program is crafted specifically for the home schooling family. Their advisory staff of veteran homeschoolers will personally guide you to and through a variety of texts and materials, according to your student’s needs and interests. 
is at the forefront of providing online religious education to Catholics of all ages around the world. Entirely faithful to the Magisterium of the Holy Church, they are endorsed by His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Chaput, Scott Hahn, and others. Special Homeschool packages and discounts are available.

Catholic Kingdom
Website by Holy Family Press offering wonderful interactive activities, games, stories, devotionals, and contests for children.

The Catholic Schoolhouse Store
Although this is a stand-alone, parent-trained led program, homeschoolers may incorporate all or part of their curriculum in their homes. Subjects such as Art and Crafting are independent of other subjects and can be easily used to augment your studies. If you are interested in starting a local Chapter of TCS in your area, please consult the website for information.
Resources and online Science courses for Catholic homeschoolers, especially for the High School student.

Catholic Bookshops

Catholic Children's eBooks
Good, classic, wholesome books that are normally hard to find and expensive. This website was created to give other Catholic parents the opportunity of having all these books without the effort, cost, or shelf space.

Catholic Etc.
Collection of Catholic items and activities, especially for the younger set. Puzzles, crosswords, and coloring pages, may be done online or printed for later.

Christian Study Tools
A plethora of art and inspiration from coloring pages for the "littles" to posters, journals, art for your home.

"Make something that glorifies the Lord & is worth hanging up on a wall. You can make your art a prayer. I hope a useful tool to help you on the way to reaching your artistic potential."

El Camino Real /Holy Cross Publications
Catholic books and arts and crafts kits.

Sophia Institute Press
Sophia Institute for Teachers

Sophia Institute press publishes faithful Catholic classics and new Catholic books by the enduring figures of the Catholic intellectual tradition. In 24 years, Sophia has published hundreds of Catholic books in conformity with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church by authors such as St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Therese of Lisieux, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and many others.

Misc. Resources

Iowa Tests
The Iowa Tests for K-12 meet most state's requirements for an annual, nationally normed standardized test and offer educators a diagnostic look at how their students are progressing in key academic areas. They may be purchased and administered by a Homeschool through Seton Testing Services. Please consult the website for detailed information, pricing, and requirements.

San Juan de Anza Trail Guide
This California guide and audio tour combines maps, text, and audio, providing a portable interpretation of the Trail that can be used to promote awareness of how this trail affected the early Spanish colonization of the West. Use these resources in your schoolroom, or download the audio tour on your cellphone from your vehicle as you drive the trail.

The Foundation Music and Art Center
Private and group lessons in instrumental music and fine art for children and adults. Very reasonable pricing. Classes are offered during regular school hours, making it very attractive for home schoolers. Inquire about trying a free sample class.

"At The Foundation Music & Art Center we provide the necessary building blocks for students to grow. Whether the goal of a student is to become a professional musician or to simply study music and art as a hobby, our teachers are committed to helping students be successful in each individual journey." 

Misc. Curriculum

Excellence in Education
The largest homeschool book store and resource center in the state of California offering an extensive array of products and services, both secular and faith-based. Includes an online Learning Style Assessment Tool.

Homeschool In The Woods
History Through the Ages hands-on materials of timelines, maps, and Lap Books™ from a Christian perspective. (My boys thoroughly enjoy filling in their timeline journal each year!)

Life of Fred
The Life of Fred series is a complete set of math books written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt that covers everything from basic first-grade arithmetic all the way through university math and statistics. Students follow Fred as he discovers and applies math concepts in everyday situations. The books are written in story form and students who are more independent and like to figure out puzzles do well with this curriculum. 

Memoria Press and Online Academy

Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company that produces simple and easy-to-use classical Christian education materials for home and private schools.

Rainbow Resource Center
Educational products, curriculum, books, kits, games, planners & organizational aids, etc., at low prices from one of the largest home school suppliers. Several product lines are Christian-based.

Roman Roads Media
We specialize in classical curriculum for home and classroom use and craft our courses to delight both students and their parents.

Christian home school curricula and materials.

Veritas Press
Excellent source for Classical Christian curriculum. Catholic parents, you may want to peruse the materials carefully, as many are written from a purely Protestant view. However, I personally have used Phonics Museum (omitting a few of the readers) and several Comprehension Guides (again, omitting some questions), and the level of study and learning is not harmed.