As the Administrator of Regina Caeli Academy, I adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to California Private Schools as outlined in Education Codes §33190 and §48222:

  • File the annual R4 Private School Affidavit as Regina Caeli Academy, under which all current, registered Parents are considered Faculty, and all current, enrolled Students are considered private school students.
  • Collect and maintain files, to include:
    • Student name, age, and grade
    • Attendance
    • Course of Study or List of Curriculum
    • Teacher name, contact information, and qualifications
    • Proof that instruction is being given in English
    • Medical and Immunization records, as required by current law

*Note that as a private school satellite program not offering class instruction, RCA is not required to collect information on vaccination waivers.

As the sole Director of RCA, I also:

  • Facilitate transfers to and from RCA
  • Collect grades/report cards
  • Maintain copies of all correspondence with parents
  • Collect and maintain copies of IEPs, standardized tests, college admissions exams, and any other tests or assessments relating to your student's education
  • Issue Teacher and Student identification cards, as requested
  • Issue Work Permits
  • Assist with and handle any needed correspondence as your student's school official
  • Create and issue Official High School Transcripts
  • Create and issue Official High School Diplomas
  • Administer a private, member's-only Email Group for current, registered parents
  • Offer basic curriculum counseling
  • Alert families to educational opportunities, field trips, special offers to homeschoolers, and new curriculum
  • Alert families to state and national legal issues affecting religious freedom, homeschooling, and any other pertinent issue
  • Maintain the RCA website and Facebook pages
  • Update and issue the RCA Parent/Teacher Handbook
  • Renew and maintain our dba status